Wild Boy by Peter Ransley

Wild Boy


Des is nine. Wild - when he’s not charming. He lives in a London tower block with his mum and Almost, who is almost, but not his dad. Where is his dad? His mum doesn't know. And doesn’t want to know. That makes Des all the more determined to find him.

When his wildness turns him into a TV actor will it lead him to his dad? And break up his mum’s relationship with Almost - or make it? Des lives in a flat in Fourways, a tower block within sight of Grenfell Tower. Like that, it needs crucial repairs. Soon, says the warden Mr Next-Week ...

Plague Child by Peter Ransley

Plague Child


The first instalment of a captivating trilogy set against the backdrop of the English Civil War.

September 1625: Plague cart driver, Matthew Kneave, is sent to pick up the corpse of a baby. Yet, on the way to the plague pit, he hears a cry – the baby is alive. A plague child himself, and now immune from the disease, Matthew decides to raise it as his own.

Fifteen years on, Matthew’s son Tom is apprenticed to a printer in the City. Somebody is interested in him and is keen to turn him into a gentleman. He is even given an education. But Tom is unaware that he has a benefactor and soon he discovers that someone else is determined to kill him.

The civil war divides families, yet Tom is divided in himself. Devil or saint? Royalist or radicalist? He is at the bottom of the social ladder, yet soon finds himself within reach of a great estate – one which he must give up to be with the girl he loves.

Set against the fervent political climate of the period, 'Plague Child' is a remarkable story of discovery, identity and an England of the past.

Also available: German language edition "Pestsiegel"

Cromwell's Blessing by Peter Ransley

Cromwell's Blessing


The price for a country. The price for a King. The price for a marriage. The dramatic story of Tom Neave continues…

The second book in the Tom Neave Trilogy, ‘Cromwell’s Blessing’ sees Tom still determined to fight for his principles – democracy, freedom and honour – despite the growing threat to his young family, as England finds itself in the throes of bloody civil war.

The year is now 1647. The King has surrendered to Parliament. Lord Stonehouse, to show his loyalty to Parliament, has named grandson Tom as his successor. But Lord Stonehouse’s son, Richard, is also Tom’s estranged father and a fervent Royalist. If the King reaches a settlement with Parliament Richard will inherit…

Parliament itself is deeply divided with those demanding a strict Puritan regime pitted against more liberal Independents like Cromwell. King Charles, under house arrest, tries to exploit the divisions between them. When Richard arrives from France with a commission from the Queen to snatch the King from Parliamentary hands, he and Tom are set on a collision course. Caught between his love for his wife Anne and their young son, and his loyalty to the new regime, Tom must struggle to save both his family and the estate.

Also available: German language edition "Falkenschwur"

The King's List by Peter Ransley

The King's List


What price betrayal? The bloody saga of revolution and republicanism reaches its climax in the final instalment of the Tom Neave trilogy.
1659. Tom Neave, now Lord Stonehouse and feared spymaster for the republic, must do what he can to maintain the reins of power. With Oliver Cromwell dead, a ruthless struggle for control of the country begins.

A Royalist rebellion is easily put down, but is of concern for Tom – his son Luke is among those imprisoned. Having been freed by his father and back with his family, Luke claims he is disillusioned with the Royalist cause. But can Tom trust him? Pre-occupied by his son’s uncertain allegiance, by the distant, manipulative behaviour of his beloved wife Anne, and by rumours of his treacherous father Richard, Tom is ill at ease. His own long-buried secrets threaten to erupt, with irrevocable consequences.

As the struggle for power in England becomes more urgent, rumours abound of the return of the exiled king. Copies of the ‘King’s List’ are in circulation – the names of those who signed the death warrant of the late king, of which Tom is one. While an army marches on London, the fate of the nation – and that of Tom and his family – lies at stake.

Book 5

Bright Hair About The Bone


After discovering Laura Traver's battered body, young Anne Devenish seems to undergo a personality change. The arrival of a charismatic new teacher at her school leads ultimately to a shocking conclusion.

Peter adapted this into a screenplay ‘Bright Hair’ starring Emilia Fox and James Purefoy.

The Hawk

The Hawk


A psychological suspense story about a woman's suspicion that her husband is the sexual murderer known as the Hawk. This is the first novel from an award-winning television writer.

Peter adapted this into a screenplay starring Helen Mirren, available on DVD.

The Price by author Peter Ransley

The Price


A millionaire businessman's wife and her daughter are kidnapped by a renegade IRA man – on the run as much from his own people as from the police.

Peter adapted this into a six part series, starring Peter Barkworth, Harriet Walter and Derek Thomson. This is available on DVD.