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In the dark and twisting alleyways of dickensian London, the stories of two very different young women collide with terrifying consequences.
This three part BBC series of deception and forbidden love was based on Sarah Waters’ Booker nominated novel.

A Sally Head Production, Fingersmith was a BAFTA nomination for best series.

5* Amazon reader ratings:

‘London in the 1860s … absolutely first class from start to finish … a brilliant screenplay by Peter Ransley… The worlds of Sue (Sally Hawkins) a fingersmith (or pickpocket) and that of heiress Maude (Elaine Cassidy) collide with the help of fraudster Richard Rivers (Rupert Evans). (Inmi Opinion, Spain).

Superb drama reminiscent of The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins … (Pointone, UK)

If you haven’t already seen this programme, what the hell are you waiting for … Breathtaking … (Lizzylou 21)

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Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

A pioneering project for ITV of three ninety minute films, this 2007 adaptation of Andrew Taylor’s trilogy of books starred Emilia Fox and Charles Dance.

’The story takes you from the present, when you meet a cold calculated mass murderer, then backwards, first to her teenage years, then to her childhood. By the end of the first part I hated her. By the end of the third I wanted to save her. A brilliant look at what makes a person turn into a murderer. (Sian Child – Birmingham).

‘Not conforming to the usual pattern of murder dramas … it steers clear of police investigation … (focussing) on those who knew her best to unravel the reason for her crimes. Excellent killed drama. (Thomas Ewlce, Notts).

Watch the DVD and read the books (published as Requiem for an Angel by Andrew Taylor). Brilliant! (H Grocott Cheshire).

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A Good Murder

A Good Murder

An illegal immigrant on the run begins a love affair with an artist – with deadly results. She’s painting a picture of love, but is he weaving a web of deceit?
Peter’s gripping two-part thriller was produced in 2006 for ITV by Sally Head Productions.

Directed by Graham Theakston, it starred Juliet Aubrey and Anna Massey and introduced Mirek Simunek.

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The Hawk

Peter adapted his own novel into a feature film starring Helen Mirren, Owen Teale and Rosemary Leach.

Set in Yorkshire, Helen Mirren’s character of Annie Marsh suspects her husband to be a serial killer. She is holding onto her marriage, her family and her sanity – but only by her fingertips. A terrifying sexual murderer is on the loose. And with a terrible suspicion growing in her mind, Annie is beginning to lose her grip…

‘Peter Ransley’s story is the ultimate nightmare.’ The Times.

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The Price by Peter Ransley

The Price

How do you put a price on a life? In this acclaimed 6 part series for Channel 4, Peter Barkworth starred as a millionaire businessman whose wife (Harriet Walker) and her daughter were kidnapped by a renegade IRA man (Derek Thompson) – on the run as much from his own people as from the police.

Produced for the BBC by Mark Shivas and directed by Peter Smith, The Price was nominated by BAFTA for best series.

“The most nerve-racking 60 minutes on television.”
The Times

“The suspense is almost too painful to bear.”

“Exactly the kind of popular fiction that ought to be prized in preference to imported hash.”
Sunday Telegraph

‘’The Price' crackles; it runs and jumps right along.
New York Times

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Tales of the Unexpected

Tales of the Unexpected

Peter wrote three episodes of the ITV Tales of the Unexpected series – sinister tales with a touch of humour and always an unexpected twist at the end of each half hour. The series was so popular it lasted almost 10 years.

Two of Peter’s 1983 tales, Where’s Your Sense of Humour? and Clerical Error can be found in the DVD for the seventh series and his 1984 The Best Chess Player in the World is in the eighth series.

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