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“People call me Des. Sumtimes they call me other things, partikularly Almost.  
I call him Almost because he is Almost, but not my dad.  I am eight and a quarter. 
I can write but I cannot add up very well, Miss Hancock, my teacher says.”

The opening of the new book Peter Ransley is just completing, Tell Me Anuther, the life of an eight year old in a tower block, trying to find the dad he has never seen. 



His last three books, The Tom Neave Trilogy, are set at the time of the English Civil War.


The King's List - Peter Ransley's Brand New Page Turner
The King's List - Peter Ransley's Brand New Page Turner


The inside story of how Charles II became King.

Told by Oliver Cromwell’s spymaster Tom Neave “a complex, believable protagonist in Peter Ransley’s intelligent thriller” Sunday Times.

The whole Tom Neave series it now out on paperback and e book at Amazon and all good bookshops.p>

Like Ken Follet and Robert Harris you really get the feel of living in a world alien to your own. The book brought alive the stench of Smithfield market, the chaos and brutality of the battlefield, while the female characters really do enrich the novel ..." (Kemper Boyd Amazon reader)

Available Now In Paperback

‘Tom’s search for his own identity is intimately connected with the seismic events tearing England apart in the 1640s. Ransley has a talent for melding dramatic historical detail with a strong story that could well give C.J. Sansom a run for his money.’ (Spectator)

5* Amazon Reviews

‘With its inclusion of real life people this is a real page turner’
– N. D Saker

‘The author writes so vividly … I highly recommend it to readers of all ages. I have given it to my 12 year old nephew who devoured it, and to my aunt who is a historical fiction fanatic in her 60s … both loved it.’
– avidreader

‘Gives the insider’s view of historical events … The female characters really do enrich the novel – quiet voices shouting the loudest.’
– kemperboyd


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